Picture of Event: Chocolate tasting workshop

Chocolate tasting workshop

The Blackout Restaurant - Nalaga'at Center, Jaffa Port
Wednesday, September 4 2024 at 19:00
Event duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes
Price 120 ILS

About the event


An exceptional culinary experience that will make you taste chocolate like you've never tasted before...

In complete darkness and in an experience of blindness that sharpens the senses a  professional confectioner and blind / visually impaired instructors invite the participants to the fascinating world of chocolate. In the workshop, the participants get to sharpen all the senses except sight  And through them to travel in the world of cocoa and blindness.

Between tastings you will get an explanation of the differences between the different types of chocolate and explanations of concepts like cocoa solids and tempers.

The workshop is suitable for participants aged 14 and over (adult attendance required).

The workshop is intended for the general public and does not require prior knowledge or understanding in the field.

The workshop is kosher by the Tel Aviv Rabbinate.

*The workshop is conducted in Hebrew

Duration of the workshop: about an hour and a quarter.









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