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By Yosefa Even Shoshan & Emmanuel Pinto

Inspired by the Blind Man's Fable in the story of the Seven Beggars by Rabbi Nachman of Breslev

Survivors of shipwreck, a deaf mother and her daughter are washed up on an unknown seashore. On the beach the mother loses her daughter and the overwhelmed child is picked up by a small circus troupe of refugees: a blind musician, an energetic deaf woman and a seeing and hearing acrobat boy. In a world of endless war, the group wanders from place to place, hoping to find shelter and safety in a promised land called Somewhere. Thus, mother and daughter travel in parallel lines, but while the mother moves in the circles of an eternal search, the child, whose life-giving cord had been severed before its time, is forced to grow and learn how to survive at all costs.

The young girl's growth is presented in nine scenes, each opened and closed by the storyteller, who creates a legendary world in his own tongue, while playing the parts of other figures whom the child, mother and troupe meet on their journeys.

An original, imaginative and thought-inspiring work, artfully entwining universal, personal and human issues that are pertinent to all our lives.


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