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Sign Language Course

Sunday, August 4 2024 at 18:00
Event duration: 2 hours
Price 400 ILS

About the course

The 'Na Laga'at' Center invites you to learn the basics of Israeli sign language in a professional and experiential course that will be delivered by deaf instructors who speak sign language and who have extensive training experience.

As much as language serves as a window and glimpse into culture and community, sign language is a window into the fascinating culture of deaf people.

The course takes place at the 'Na Laga'at' Center' at the Port of Jaffa.

Number of sessions: 6 weekly sessions
Course hours: from 18:00 to 20:00
Course cost: 400 NIS only!

Hurry up to register, the number of seats is limited!

For more details: 03-6330808 | welcome@nalagaat.org.il | 'Na Lagaat' center, Jaffa port, Aliya 2nd platform.

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